Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Strategic Marketing

2013 has been an interesting year so far.

I met with five owners who came to me with stories of spending $5K, $8K and $10K respectively on marketing campaigns. They proudly showed me their new website, logo, car wrap, etc... They each said they thoroughly interviewed the marketing firm - great credentials and reputations.

So why did they call me?

Despite the spend they weren't getting new customers.

Clearly these marketing campaigns were ineffective.

Stand by for a new article I'm writing about the role of marketing and when and how to engage this service.

Hint: The role of marketing is to generate quality leads - it takes a strategy first to determine what type of leads you want. It takes a strategy to understand the competitive market your campaign will be conducted in.

Do you have a long and short-term strategy?

About the author. Mike Gomez is President of Allegro Consulting, a growth specialty firm helping turnaround businesses wrestling with stagnant growth. He grew his very first client’s business from $8M to $35M in just two years. Mike is also a prolific speaker, writer, three-time marathoner, a former military officer and pilot of both aircraft and helicopters.