Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome - Straight talk

Hi all.

Welcome to my blog on issues relevant to growing your business. This is a "straight-talk" site geared towards mid-sized ($3 - $100 million in revenue) service or manufacturing business owners as well as not-for-profit leaders about growth.

As a consultant I don't get paid to tell you how wonderful you are - on the contrary, my job involves listening and observing and then providing frank advise about the changes necessary to help you achieve realistic and aggressive growth goals. My company brochure asks the question: "Are you serious about growth? Really serious?" I ask this question because it takes more than lip service, passion, and a strong work ethic to grow a business. Those companies who consistently grow year after year do so with good planning and flawless execution. I plan to share my views about the particular traits of well run and high growth businesses. As you read these articles I ask you to compare these traits with your company or organization. How do you compare?

I hope you find this material interesting, educational - but most importantly, worth your time. More information can be found at my
website: AllegroConsultant.com

Have a great day.